ELDORET CONVENTION, Kenya Oct 18-20 2019 New

There will be English and Spanish live streaming of the Eldoret Convention, starting Friday, October 18, 2019 until Sunday, October 20, 2019. The morning service will start at 3:00 am (NY/PA time). The evening service will start at 10:00 am (NY/PA time).

These services will be available in our Eldoret 2019 Archives


CONVENCION EN ELDORET, Kenya Oct 18-20 2019 New

Habrá transmisión en vivo de la Convención en Eldoret, comenzando el Viernes, Octubre 18, 2019 hasta el Domingo, Octubre 20, 2019. El servicio de la mañana comenzará a las 10:00 am (3:00 am hora de NY/PA). El servicio de la tarde comenzará a las 5:00 pm (10:00 am hora de NY/PA). Solo la predicacion sera interpretada.



Message from Bro Denis Letendre regarding the Jerusalem Convention:

We are working to finalize the program and hope to be able to send more information, including prices, very soon.

Our friends in Israel have been working already for many months to prepare our next convention which we believe will be a tremendous Bride event.

To access the preliminary program and the most recent information, please CLICK HERE

God bless you richly



We are in the process of transcribing messages that currently are not in book format. We are requesting help from anyone who feels led to be part of this work that will be a blessing to the Bride.

We need help in direct transcribing of the messages and in proof reading.

Please contact the LCA Church Library for information.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Message from Bro Denis Letendre regarding the Jerusalem Post-Convention Tour:

Shalom. As you know, Israel is now in a period known as the "High Holidays", and will be until the end of the Feast of Tabernacles. It means that things are slower than normal and explains why we don't have the final prices yet for the convention and tours.

However, one thing we do have to share with you today are the programs for the optional post-convention tours.

We will be offering 2 different tours after the convention to allow those who came to Israel last year to see something new.

Both programs include the same hotels, which means that all participants will be staying at the same hotels during the 5-day tour and will all be able to have breakfast and dinner together.

Program 1 is mostly for people who have never been to Israel or for those who want to see the same things again.

Program 2 was designed for those who were in Israel last year and want to see something different.

Some of you have expressed the desire to have a post-convention tour lasting more than 5 days. For this reason, we are offering the possibility of an extended tour in which you will be able to visit the Red Sea.

List of available tour programs:

1. Preliminary convention program (31 Aug. - 3 Sept.): CLICK HERE

2. Post-convention tour program (4 - 9 Sept.): CLICK HERE

3. Extended Red Sea tour program (10 - 14 Sept.): CLICK HERE

God bless you richly




Argentina 2019 Convention New

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India 2019 Convention New

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Pointe Noire Congo Convention New

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Poland Convention

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Harrisburg 2019 Interviews

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Harrisburg 2019 Convention, June 26-30

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Chile 2019 Convention, April 19-21 2019

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Nigeria 2019 Convention, APRIL 19-21 2019

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Arizona Youth Retreat 2019

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PA Youth Band Holiday Program January 13 2019

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New Place Church Retreat, Jan 12-13 2019

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